Heated LED Snow Plow Lights TL7106(De-icing)

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In climates where snow and ice can dangerously impair visibility, Tough’s LED Heated Snow Plow Lamps are ideal as cold weather supplemental lighting or as road-legal driving lights when the vehicle’s headlights are obstructed. These lamps automatically prevent snow and ice buildup with a sensor that monitors the lens and activates an internal heating element when its temperature falls too low. Designed for the tough conditions facing plow operators, the LED Heated Snow Plow Lamps can be mounted on tractors, ATVs, and other vehicles that operate in wintery conditions.

  • Integrated sensor detects temperature of lens to activate heating element
  • Die-cast aluminum housing and heavy-duty lens are ideal for the harshest environments
  • Built to resist hours of continuous 6G vibration
  • Versatile, multi-volt design features reverse voltage protection
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